Dr. Kranck

Dr. Kranck is an electronic music artist from Frankfurt (Main), Germany, who also formed the music act with the same name in 2010. His style is a mixture of Harsh Electro, EBM and Industrial, combined with agressive vocals which are more common in the Black Metal subgenre. Some songs contain binaural frequencies or are products of experiments with different mind-changing substances. In a never-ending self-therapy Dr. Kranck operates with twisted, confused and aggressive Sounds, oppressive bass, unanticipated melodies and hysterical screams. His vision is a world of nightmares and mental illnesses summoned by self-hate, despair and narcissism. His debut "Haus 13" (house 13) was released in 2011, followed by "Aus der Dunkelheit kommt das Licht" (through darkness comes light) in 2013. The current line-up consists of Dr. Kranck (programming and vocals), Wermouth (guitars) and Maxagon (livedrums).