Diodati is a neoclassical band, formed in Regensburg, Germany in 2000 by Gwydion Enbarr and Angelika Plötz. The main concern and motive of the band is the fusion of classical lyric and composition with other styles of music. Most of their albums are concept albums focusing on certain themes or aspects like the impossibility of love or different facets of death. Since 2011 they are part of the Körperschall-Family and have released two albums since then: Diem supremum in 2011 and Susurrus Lake in 2013. The current members of Diodati are: Gwydion Enbarr (vocals, speech and percussion), Svyati (cello, melodica, guitar, vocals), Dr. Elias (piano, accordion, contrabass, drums) and Coco Grace (vocals).