Innere Apokalypse


VÖ 04.11.2011


With "Inner Apocalypse", Gedankenrasen presents an album that will set new accents in the black scene.
In 14 songs incomparable musical diversity manifests itself in the spectrum between pounding, distorted beats and orchestral meekness, electronic hardness and melancholy subtlety, which
alternate and complement each other. The extensive use of symphonic elements underscores the musical needs behind the album, which does not have to hide in terms of dance- and celebrationpotential.
Thematically the mostly German texts are dealing with the scene typical ambivalences of sorrow, hope, love and death, fear and loneliness.
The same kind of versatility proves the versatile voice, which gives the cynical striking, sometimes poetic expression introverted content, strength and depth.




01 Zukunft wird Vergangenheit
02 Ihr habt
03 Jedes Wort ist eine Lüge
04 Ist das alles
05 What would i tell you
06 Ich will brennen
07 Zündung und Feuer (Schicksals Kuss)
08 Interludium
09 Zerfall
10 Angst
11 Du willst es doch auch
12 Einfach immer weiter gehen (Album Version)
13 I wait for you
14 I failed again (Album Version)

EUR 12,00